PLEASE place your donation in an open envelope in the bathroom. When meeting in public, please greet me with a book , card, or gift bag containing Considerations. .

As a Touring Companion my Considerations vary by City/State. Please check current ads For what City/State Im Located in. 

Outcall add+50

Short Intro
30 min – $200
1 hour – $300
90 mins – $450 ( preferred minimum to get to know each other) 

Longer Engagements
2 hours – $600
3 hours – $800
4 hours – $1000(Dinner+Wine)

VIP + Dinner Date + SleepOver
6 hours- $1200
8 hours- $1500
10 hours- $2000

Fly Me To You:
If you are currently not in a city I am Based or Touring and you want to see me immediately I am available for a Fly Me To You I love Travel so this is the perfect way for a future Rendezvous. 

Fly Me To You Bookings  require a minimum 4 Hour date + Travel Expenses and a 50% Deposit. 

Do you find your self wanting more of me Ask About My Monthly Arrangements

Fill out my Booking Form-Once confirmed I will be in Touch lets Discuss Options.